Hurricane Harvey Rebuild Summer Mission Trp

By Crossland Community Church (other events)

Monday, July 23 2018 5:45 AM 3:00 PM

Monday, July 23- Saturday, July 28. We will repair damage to Garden Villas Baptist Church in Houston, TX. It is a smaller congregation with a heart for its community. Marcus Barnett is the project coordinator.  He can be reached at [email protected] and  270-780-4654. We will be doing dry wall work and painting. Open to men and women 18 yrs of age and older and teenagers 14 years of age and older if accompanied by a parent. The last day to register is July 19. Space is limited.  The cost of the trip is $80 which covers food on the work site and miscellaneous expenses. Bring enough money for 6 meals on the road. For more information and to register online, go to the events page  Questions? Call 270-842-4428.